Monday, 21 February 2011

Official Love Never Dies Cast Announcement.

Finally the new cast line up for Love Never Dies has been announced today. All of what I said in my previous post on this subject turns out to be correct.

Ramin Karimloo will continue as The Phantom for six more months doing six shows a week.
David Thaxton as Raoul.
Celia Graham is now principal Christine.
 Liz Robertson will stay on as Madame Giry and Haley Flaherty will take over the role of Meg Giry.

More information can be found on the official site HERE.

Ramin Karimloo announced his continuation first on Twitter calling it the "worst kept secret".

"Ah, Finally, it's official ... worst kept secret probably. I am staying now for six more months, reduced performances. Needed to ...."

"Sort out my schedule with my other project. It's a record deal but can't say more for now. This was all last minute. Very excited."
"So six shows a week until September 3. However, along with all this, @Sheytoons will continue to write and play as much as we can."

"It's all subject to change but I think, what nights I won't be doing will be Mon's and Thurs' but as always, things always change."

Tom Mutu will be cover for The Phantom when Ramin is off.

So it's nothing new or exciting. Just what was all ready guessed at.

The exciting news however comes from Ramin's record deal and more from Sheytoons, his band with Hadley Fraser. That's what I had been personally hoping for before news of Ramin staying on in LND leaked.
As a little extra here is Ramin singing 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Green Day at last nights Whatsonstage awards where he picked up the award for best lead actor in a musical. Congratulations!

Signed, JML.

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