Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cameron Mackintosh's Big Announcement.

I've decided to head down to Shaftesbury Avenue this morning where Cameron Mackintosh will be announcing what dates Alfie Boe is due to be seen in Les Miserables.

He will be joined by Alfie for the big announcement outside The Queen's Theatre.

I'm mainly curious just to see how many people will be there since it's at 9am on a Wednesday. The first I heard of it was at 2am on Twitter and I've only seen anything else on the subject on Alfie's website HERE which was posted at 8pm last night.

Never the less it is very exciting to finally have it confirmed. I'm looking forward to seeing Alfie and I've never been to something like this so I'm interested to see how it will be staged.

Maybe we'll even get a song out of Alfie Boe. I wont hold my breath though.

I'll post back here later in the day to say how it all went so be sure to come back.

Signed, JML.

And just a little Alfie for you and to get me more excited. I love this video!

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