Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Alfie Boe, Matt Lucas and Hadley Fraser Announced For Les Miserables.

Exciting news!
Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas' Les Miserables dates have finally been confirmed at a press conference today.

Alfie will be appearing as Jean Valjean from June 23rd until November 26th. He wont be doing Mondays or Wednesday matinée. More can be found about that on his site HERE including holiday.

Matt Lucas will be joining as Thénardier from June 23rd until September 10th. I haven't got any information on what days he'll be off or if he has any holiday booked I'm afraid.

Now, none of this was news as such just a conformation of what everyone knew. The news of the new Javert however just made me scream with happiness at my computer.

Hadley Fraser last see in Les Miserables at the O2 as Grantaire and also perviously in the Queens production as Marius will be returning once more. This time as inspector Javert! Again he will be appearing from June 23rd.

HERE is an article from today on Whatsonstage.

I may do an extra post about todays events later but my brain is too fried with excitement right now.

Signed, JML.

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