Sunday, 20 February 2011

Les Miserables 2011/2012 Cast.

I know it is still months away until the Les Miserables cast change, 123 days to be exact, but being a bit of a fanatic it's something I constantly concern myself with.

There is no official news apart from the occasional cast member announcing their June departure on Twitter and a lot of rumors. Well not so much rumors but impatience over long awaited contracts to be signed.

Killian Donnelly (Enjolras) and Jeff Nicholson (Factory Foreman/Brujon/1st u/s Javert) will be leaving on June 18th much to the disappointment of this writer. This may leave the way open for Martin Neely (Grantaire) to take over Enjolras if he stays but there is no news from him yet.

It is also more then likely Samantha Barks (Eponine) and Lucie Jones (Cosette) will also be leaving. I'm personally hoping for Katie Hall to return as Cosette but I'm not sure how likely that will be. A bit of a long shot I imagine.

Norm Lewis (Javert) is leaving after already extending his original contract by six months. So is Gareth Gates who took over the role of Marius after his successful run on the 25th anniversary tour last year. He recently took over from Allistair Brammer who left on January 31st. There are recent rumors of X-Factor contestant (and did he win it??) Joe McElderry taking over the role. I don't believe there is any truth to this or at least I pray to God that there isn't!

Mark Stuart Hedges (Swing) is departing most likely so will Rebecca Seale (Fantine).

Simon Bowman (Jean Valjean) and both Martin Ball (Thénardier) and Lorraine Bruce (Madame Thénardier) are all leaving June 18th too.

The majority of the casting information is just who is leaving I could guess who I think will be staying on but that would only be speculation.

Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas.
The biggest casting news is that of opera superstar Alfie Boe will be doing a six month run as Jean Valjean after his performance at the 25th anniversary celebrations at the O2 this past October. I couldn't be happier by this news being a huge fan of Alfie. Despite this having been news for quite a while now his contract still hasn't been signed. He will more then likely be in the show from June 23rd till December 3rd. He'll be doing six shows a week and I have it on good authority that he should be having Monday and Wednesday matinée off.

First understudy for Jean Valjean looks to continue as Jonathan Williams. I also hope that the recent rumors are true and after Alfie leaves in December Jonathan will become principal Jean Valjean until June 2012. Fingers crossed on that one. Jonathan was incredible in the role when I saw him at the end of last year.

The future Jean Valjean and Thenardier.
More big new is that Matt Lucas is also joining the cast as Thénardier, along side best buddy Alfie, also for a six month run. The fine details on this one are still to be finalized but it's all but confirmed.

I think Matt's casting is a bit of a good news/bad news situation.
Good news: He is a fantastic and captivating performer. He was amazing in the role at the O2.
Bad news: It's going to make getting tickets that much more harder!

Alfie and Matt at the O2 celebrations. 
That's about all the casting news I have at the moment but I will be making a lot of updates on this as soon as I have them so keep an eye out.

Hopefully soon we'll have more news on who is staying and joining the cast rather then the more depressing news of who is leaving.

Signed, JML.

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