Friday, 25 March 2011

Jeff Nicholson's last Javert.

This is a bit of a late one too but this week is the last of Jeff Nicholson's official dates as Javert at the Queen's. You only have tonight and tomorrow to defiantly see him in the role. It will be worth it. He is a fantastic Javert and I'll be going tomorrow to see him.

Follow him on TWITTER for any updates on days he might be on as Javert before he sadly leaves on June 18th.

Signed, JML.

Les Miserables Cast Update 11/12

I've been rubbish with keeping up with this blog which was to be expected from me really but life gets in the way sometimes.

Quite a bit of cast new but I'm a bit late so you probably all ready know it all.

Officially Simon Shorten (Babet) and Martin Neely (Grantaire) are leaving :( and Scott Garnham (Feuilly) is staying and also moving up to first understudy for Enjolras. Katy Seacombe who recently rejoined the cast will be staying on as Mme Thenardier.

I found out via Twitter that Matthew Seadon-Young (Jean Prouvaire) has been auditioning. He had an audition for the Legally Blond tour today so fingers crossed for him!
I'll post whether he'll be staying or going as soon as I know.

Now, new cast announcements! Some of these aren't 100% because there hasn't been an official announcement but as far as we know here are the rest of the principal players for 2011/2012!

Alexia Khadime - Eponine

Liam Tamne - Enjolras

Emma Williams - Fantine

Craig Mather - Marius

Lisa-Anne Wood - Cosette

Also Adam Linstead will be reprising his role as Grantaire. He played the role on the 25th Anniversary tour last year. You can find more information on Adam HERE.

Out of all of these I must admit to being quite excited to be seeing Liam Tamne join the cast. I became quite a fan of his after seeing him in Hair and Departure Lounge last year. He has an incredible voice and is an amazing talent.

However, I am slightly concerned about his casting as Enjolras. I think he would have been much better suited as Marius. However, the casting seems to be on the young side for the next year so he was quite possibly 'too old' for that part. I hate calling someone the same age as me too old! Haha! Despite my slight concern I will reserve judgement until I see him take on the role on June 23rd. I'm sure I will love him like I have in everything else I have seen him in.

I love the 2010/2011 cast and I'm very sad to see a lot of them leaving so my expectations are very high for this cast. It is looking very promising and full of great talent so far. I'm positive they wont disappoint. 

Signed, JML.

Twitter for the 2011/2012 cast.
Alfie Boe
Hadley Fraser
Matt Lucas
Craig Mather
Liam Tamne
Lisa-Anne Wood
Jonathan Williams
Scott Garnham
Adam Linstead
Emma Williams

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Little Les Miserables Cast News.

Just a quick update on some casting news of sorts for Les Miserables.

Both Scott Garnham (Feuilly) and Simon Shorten (Babet) have been auditioning. They will be leaving show if they land a new job or continuing on from June if nothing comes their way.

Sorry, I know this is quite cryptic but I thought some people may want to know that there could be the possibility of them both departing form Les Miserables.

As soon as I know anything more solid I will post it here.

Signed, JML.